Friendly online consulting for your fitness business – available in Bristol & online

Let’s talk about you

You’re running a fitness, health or wellness business, and you do what you do, because you LOVE IT!

All of your energy and passion goes into honing your craft. You invest in learning. You spend hours creating and running sessions for your clients. You’re skilled, you know your stuff, and you want to share your magic with people who will benefit.

This is what you want to concentrate on, right?!

Perhaps all of the other stuff which a business needs to make it tick along – stuff like branding, marketing, admin and finances – can feel a bit…daunting? Unmanageable? Or maybe just a bit (dare I say) boring?

This stuff isn’t where your passion lies. But you know it’s gotta get done.

Is the business-y side of your business holding you back?

Maybe you’re really good at what you offer, but behind the scenes, struggling to run all the moving parts of your fitness business. I’m talking about stuff like:

  • Not being great at tracking your finances.
  • Neglecting social media because you don’t know where to start (or you just hate it!)
  • Making rash or frequent timetabling changes based on a quiet week.
  • Having a desire to expand, but with no idea how.
  • Exhausting yourself being everything to everyone, to try and attract new clients.
  • Feeling frustrated by all of the admin getting in the way of creating and delivering sessions to your clients.
  • Needing to just get all of your obsessive business thoughts out of your head, give your poor brain a break and check you’re doing ok (with someone who gets it).

My friend, I’ve been there and I’ve made it through.

I’ve helped countless other fitness business owners learn to manage this stuff.

I’d love to help you tackle the tricky bits, so you can focus on delivering the thing you love.

Kick-ass project manager

Confidence coach


And now a bit about me

My name is Carly. Hi! I’m a Bristol-based freelance fitness instructor, public speaker, body positive campaigner and online influencer. I created my brand Project Happy Body, (Project HB for short), in 2013 – and it is now a successful, profitable, multi-stream fitness business which I run in Bristol and online.

While building my business, I spent 2.5 years as a regional account manager for one of the largest fitness membership providers in the UK. In this role, I helped hundreds of small to medium sized fitness business owners organise, strategise, advertise and monetise their businesses, while keeping up with current industry trends.

Even if I say so myself, I was really good at it! So good in fact, I left to do it on my own terms – and here we are. I’m super-experienced, calm and knowledgeable. My consulting style is a mixture of PA, kick-ass project manager, confidence coach, and cheerleader. You won’t find a business consultant quite like me in this industry!

I’ll help you do spreadsheets, strategise, problem-solve and plan, and I’ll hype you up, so you feel empowered to run your business how you see best. Running a business can be overwhelming. I’m here to remind you that YOU GOT THIS.

I tailor my experience & qualifications to you

I’ve helped Bristol and London gym managers, studio owners, independent instructors and function centres sort their businesses out in loads of ways; events, accounts, timetabling, launches, re-branding, marketing, memberships and re-location… and that’s not an exhaustive list!

I also come with ten years of corporate experience in the government, housing, law and charity sectors. I’ve been a PA, a property manager and a press officer, to name but a few roles. I’ve also been door security in a London nightclub; I don’t muck about!

My secret weapon is a PRINCE2 project management qualification. A previous company I worked for paid for me to do this fab course, and as soon as I got that certificate, I left. LOL! Anyway, my consulting clients now get to reap the benefits. Lucky you, ay?

Trust me on this one: I. Can. Seriously. Organise. Stuff. We’ll break down your mammoth list of tasks, use simple online tech to track and manage the workload together, and tackle your to-do list with confidence and efficiency. You’ll be flying in no time.

You’ll start to get some free time back almost as soon as you’ve got me on board. That’s when you can start to see the bigger picture and concentrate on the activities you actually enjoy!

A range of services to fit your needs

Three ways we can work together


Available on a monthly retainer or ad-hoc sessions when you need me. Sessions can be calls, video chat or coffee. I’ll be the business partner, admin assistant & confidence coach you don’t have, but really need!

Think up a new marketing campaign
Re-work your timetable
Social media planning
Chat through business growth ideas
Finding your authentic voice

Cost for independents:
£120/mth retainer (1 hr/week + text & email support)
£35/hr ad-hoc session
£20/30min mini catch-up

Cost for gyms:
£150/mth retainer (1 hr/week + text & email support)
£50/hr ad-hoc session


We’ll define your need, and I’ll propose a plan & timeframe to get it done. I’ll project manage & we’ll meet regularly. You’ll complete some tasks on your own. I’ll jump in during the project, whenever you need me to.

Launch or re-brand your business
Re-work your timetable
Annual social media planning
Launch a new product
Plan & host an event

Cost for independents:
£120/mth retainer (1 hr/week + text & email support)
£35/hr ad-hoc session

Cost for gyms:
£150/mth retainer (1 hr/week + text & email support)
£50/hr ad-hoc session

Research Reports & Training

You might be thinking about developing your business in some way, and want someone to research and present viable options to you. Maybe you need to learn new tech to expand and grow.

Research & present booking systems
Report on regional pricing
Take your offering online
Launch an on-demand service
Expand into a new location

Cost for independents:
£35/hr research or training session*

Cost for gyms:
£50/hr research or training session*

*Any research time prior to presentation/training is also billed*

Bespoke consulting available:
If you’ve got something which doesn’t fit the above, I’m happy to speak about what you need and see if I’m your gal.

Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt

Some past clients & projects

🧘🏽‍♀️ Client: Independent yoga studio, Bristol
🧘🏽‍♀️ Worked together to: Create and launch timetable, launch memberships packages, brand social media and create annual social media plan.

💪🏾 Client: Independent gym, Bristol
💪🏾 Worked together to: Overhaul business model, re-launch timetable, create social media plan, launch newsletters.

🤸🏼‍♀️ Client: Independent gym, London
🤸🏼‍♀️ Worked together to: Plan and run an influencer event to create social media buzz.

💦 Client: Boutique hot yoga studio chain, London
💦 Worked together to: Create and advertise event to make studio offering appealing to new (beginner) client base.

🙏🏼 Client: Independent yoga instructor, Bristol
🙏🏼 Worked together to: Research & present booking system options for business growth.

🏋🏻 Client: Independent fitness instructor, Bristol
🏋🏻 Worked together to: Re-strategise marketing and branding, create website, social media training and branding refinement.

💃🏽 Client: Dance franchise business owner, Bristol
💃🏽 Worked together to: Standardise growth strategy plans, create an on-demand fitness offering.

⛹🏿‍♀️ Client: College sports centre, Bristol
⛹🏿‍♀️ Worked together to: Re-think social media strategy & train on social media platforms.

Some lovely testimonials

“(Carly) helped pull everything that was there into a clearer expression of our beloved studio and business” – Jess, Wild Wolf’s Yoga, Bristol

“Carly has helped shape [my business] with so much care, skill and passion. I couldn’t recommend her enough.”Alice, Brave Move, Bristol

“An incredible hype woman”Kes, Strength for Every Size, Bristol

“As a newly qualified instructor, Carly sat me down and assured me that the obstacles I was putting between me and my teaching goals were normal and natural. She gave me the confidence and mindset to put myself out there. I will always be grateful for her help and guidance.”Niccole, Express Classes Studios, Bristol

“I’m so happppppppppppppyyyy!” – Jade, Yoganand, Bristol

You have been a breath of fresh air to the brand… given it that needed spark and made it fun and colourful!” – Nadia, Aidan Liamsi, Hertfordshire

“I’m so relieved now everything is organised… thank you very much for all of your time and effort in making that happen.” – Briony, Clifton Sky Yoga, Bristol

So you wanna chat?

Send me a message – and here’s what happens next:

  • Fill out the below form.
  • We’ll have a free 15 minute chat on the phone or zoom. I’ll ask loads of questions and do some thinking!
  • If I have the skills to help you, I’ll create a proposal to address your needs and fit your budget.
  • You’ll review, edit, & sign this proposal (if you decide to work with me – no worries if not).
  • And we’re off! If needed, we’ll use a number of online tools to plan and track the workload, so you can understand where we’re at and we keep communicating.
  • The magic starts to happen! Breathe a sign of relief and pop the kettle on.
  • I invoice you at the end of every calendar month for the work carried out that month.
  • We’ll regularly review our workload compared to the initial proposal. This ensures we’re working together in a way which best suits you and your business needs.

Fill out the form below and I will be in touch shortly